2150000.00 ৳ 1250 KVA Voltage Stabilizer

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  • Modified date: December 5, 2018

1250 KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Main technology characteristics
A. Input voltage: three-phase four-wire , 300-460V
B. Output voltage:Three-phase: three-phase four-wire , 380 V +-(1-5%)
C. Accuracy of output voltage: 2-5% (adjustable)
D. Efficiency: ≥80%
E. Response speed: ≤1.5S (when outside voltage has 10% of change)
F. Waveform distortion: no additive waveform distortion
G. Protection: protection against over voltage, over current, phase failure and machine fault,
H. Voltage stabilization, convenient switching for commercial power
I. Start automatically or by hand (can be chosen) when power is on.
J. Can work continuously for a long time without anybody attending.
K. Insulation resistance: ≥2MΩ
L. Electric strength: bear power frequency sine voltage 2,000V for 1 min without breakdown
M. Overload capability: 2 times rated current, keeping 1 min (voltage stabilizer special for elevator and CT)

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