85.00 ৳ Daily Office Lunch Service in Dhaka @ BDT 85

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  • Modified date: December 6, 2018

Call for Order 01755027999...Daily Office Lunch Service in Dhaka @ BDT 85. Lunch Service provided by 'AmarLunch'. We are committed to reaching your lunch at your office desk at the right time. We have our own transport system. Six different menus for Six days. Get the variation of test & Food both with our service. Food is an important part of any occasion. So we take it seriously. Amar Lunch serves food catering for Corporate Luncheon.

AmarLunch™ is conveying answers for all these sketchy issues. This is a one of a kind undertaking that will take care of the sustenance issue of the generalpopulation. It will be a sheltered sustenance benefit focus, which will guarantee the heavenly, sound, supportable and best quality nutritious Meals. Employment holders and other individuals who need to take their Meal, particularly at noon don't need to stress over their lunch any more. They can completely depend on our organization us about their matter of wellbeing and cleanliness, as we will get ready nourishment in a home kitchen. So there is a potential market for providing food benefit as it will facilitate the season of the shoppers, particularly office going individuals and will serve great quality nourishment to them with free conveyance benefit at the entryway. From this view, 'Amar Lunch' chose to begin the business as this business, has not yet been investigated that much and there are countless in this market. That is the reason AmarLunch.com by SPN has been discovered, this undertaking as a potential chance to investigate this market.

  Gulshan, Banani, Mohakhali, Farmgate, Dhanmondhi, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh