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  • Published on: April 10, 2019

Shomadhan is the one stop solution for all your beauty problems. Are you thinking of getting a facial but not getting the time to do it? We understand that due to heavy schedule you might not be able to get your facial done therefore to ease your day and make it more comfortable we are offering Salon Services at Home. Our experts are fully trained, equipped and skilled in their own field. We have professionals who are experienced in all types of beauty services to provide you with first-rate service.

You may book now from any of our Salon Service at Home, including:
• Facials
• Hair rebonding
• Hair coloring
• Manicure & pedicure
• Waxing and more

If you need Salon Service at Home, be sure to check out our service details. Please visit our web page http://shomadhan.com/ for more information. Or call us at 01928888452 to get the most skilled Beauty Experts near you. Enjoy the best beauty service in Dhaka by making an online booking from Shomadhan.

[ Note: The price will vary according to customer’s requirement.]

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