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  • Published on: March 23, 2014

You might already know, how difficult it is to get an AdSense account for a top level domain. We will approve your AdSense account for your top level domain like .com .net .org. or others domain of website or blog.

How can we approve your adsense accunt in your name, Address, and all of your details which we will be need for approving your AdSense account of top domain level ?

If you have the same question So, here is the details of how we can approve your adsense account.

There are tow types of AdSense account, 1, Non hosted account. 2. Hosted account.

Non hosted Google AdSense account service: You may want to display your Google AdSense both of sites like top level domain of websites or blogs and blogspot sites.

Hosted Google AdSense account service : You Will have to capable for displaying AdSense ads only like blogspot and youtube sites. This Hosted account will be very cheap rate for buying And Non hosted account will not be very cheap rate because Non hosted account very difficult for approving. Hosted account will not be very difficult for approving. We will approve your hosted AdSense account within few days but Non hosted adsense will be few months or 30 days for approving.

After contacting, We will want to see your blog or website for making sure of us that How much work we will have to need for approving your AdSense account. If you don't have any Top level domain We will buy it for you.
You might already apply for getting an adsense account but you did not get that due to any of Google terms and Conditions violation on your website. We will find your blog violation of Google terms and conditions for solving them.

All of work, what will need for making your AdSense account, We will give them to your website properly.

We will probably have to work with your blog for making your AdSense, Unique, informative and quality contents, Blog design, Seo, To get better alexa rank, To get organic traffic via search engines, Look will of your blog like a professional blog and lots of work Which will be acceptable by Google AdSense Team.

Only interested persons contact us at any time.

Thank you.

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