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  • Published on: January 22, 2020

What is lic world? ⁉️
- Lic world is the first currency to launch the online payment app via nfc anywhere in the world!

How much is a coin worth? ⁉️
The Lic Coin when it appeared was worth 0.80$, now it's worth $4.40 , in January it's estimated at $100 and in 2022 over $1500 ????

Why will it grow to $ 100 in January? ⁉️
The currency is growing according to buyers currently there are 43.000 buyers and in January all those who have the other 50 cryptocurrencies will buy the lic currency to be able to withdraw the money much easier! I wish you a lot of time ????

BONUS UNTIL 01 December ❓
If you buy a $100 masterbox by December 1 you get $150 and for 400 days daily withdrawal.

If you want to make an account, you can make yourself here https://licworld.live/signup/LIC558081

For very good information watch this video https://youtu.be/T-9p9G77EAo

For more information contact me in private and I will help you with everything you need! I wish you a lot of time

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