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  • Published on: April 11, 2019

Refrigerator plays an important role in our daily life, therefore when there’s a problem or issue with your refrigerator, Shomadhan understands your need to repair or service it as soon as possible. We have expert individuals to serve you your required refrigerator repairing at your suitable place. Our experts are fully trained, equipped, skilled and experienced in all types of appliance servicing.

You may book now from any of our appliance and refrigerator service, including:

• Refrigerator General Servicing
• Excess Ice Formation in Fridge
• Gas Refill or Top up
• Low Cooling Problem and more

If you need Refrigerator Service, be sure to check out our service details. Please visit our web page http://shomadhan.com/ for more information. Or call us at 01928888452 to get the most skilled Appliance service providers in Dhaka. Enjoy best refrigerator service in Dhaka by making an online booking from Shomadhan.

[ Note: The price will vary according to customer’s requirement.]

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