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  • Published on: May 5, 2019

Clogged or dirty filters block normal airflow and significantly decrease the AC’s efficiency thus hiring a professional technician is highly needed. Therefore, to help you out, Shomadhan provides you with all types of AC Servicing. Our experts are qualified individuals with years of experience, fully trained, equipped and skilled in their own field. We tend to provide quality and instant servicing near you for all your AC problems.

You may book now from any of our AC Service, including:

• AC General or Master Servicing
• AC Gas Refill or Top Up
• Compressor Repair & Replacement & more

If you need AC Service, be sure to check out our service details. Please visit our web page http://shomadhan.com/ for more information. Or call us at 01928888452 to get the most skilled AC Service Providers near you. Enjoy the best appliance services in Dhaka by making an online booking from Shomadhan.

[Note: The price will vary according to customer’s requirement.]

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