Nissan X-Trail Olive Green

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Nissan X-Trail Olive Green
Nissan X-Trail Olive Green
Nissan X-Trail Olive Green
Nissan X-Trail Olive Green
BDT 3,600,000.00


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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
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Purchased and upcoming.
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Our Pre Order and General Competency: We provide Service with Integrity.
Delivery from Biggest Showroom at Baridhara with 10 years Relationship Warranty.
1. Welcoming you to Visit us The Most Competent and Trusted Pre Orders Deals in Town. For Pre Order We Have the Cheapest Cost Structure Import Duty CNF cost all cost we will show you transparently and we have no Japan Tax and Vat in Japan after auction Price currently. Limited Offer till February.
2. First time In Bangladesh we are giving every cars History and previous auction observation before buying from more than 50 Thousands cars selling every day in Japan.
3. First Time in Bangladesh Dedicated pre order Booth under a Showroom Management One of the Biggest and Reputed Showroom in Baridhara.
4. Before pre order you can see all models ready at our Showroom and can decide what is best suited for you.
5. Do not just give order seeing low shipping cost. Most Cases Low Shipping cost companies fail to deliver and they’’ll lose commitment. They don’t send export documents on time. And small companies are not able to handle big Orders.
6. Pre Order minimum deposit 50,000/= Fifty Thousand taka and rest payment you can do at time of delivery. TnC applicable.
7. Exchange Facility Available. Even after Auction Purchase Successful. Tnc Applicable
8. Auction Expert Consultation for free previous history check without any fee. And High Quality Pictures we can give you and detail picture with Auction Sheet Translation.
9. Located at Business Friendly Location At Baridhara.
10. Long Business experience with japan and trusted Multiple Well connected Suppliers capable of handling of 200 cars in a month.
11. Lowest Price and value for money guaranteed.
12. Quickest Shipment Guarantee and CRM Base automated update of car pictures and shipping schedule.
13. As it is Car delivery with Original Equipped Parts.
14. Find Special Features car from auction.
15. Buy from Cheapest One price dealers In Japan very Limited access to Bangladeshis Our One price is very reasonable price.
16. Buy fixed price cars from wide Japanese Dealer Cars.
17. You can bid prior 30 min of bidding notice also can cancel before 30 min Bidding Time Left.
18. You can exchange car even after bought from auction from our bought cars stock of more than 300 cars. TnC apply
19 Our freight charge in japan covered Insurance at time of inland transportation if any damage in time of inland transportation we‘ll take care and repair.
20 We provide 2nd key within Shortest Time many companies does’ not get a second original key even after having it in Japan.
21. We take every liability of any incidents or accidents or anything gets missing in port we will arrange it with our cost.
22. No payment need before buying completed in Japan. TnC Applicable and limited offer to Govt Officials.
23. Auction Bidding can be done before 1 hour Notice You can view your Bid live from our display center only High end cars purchase. Visit us to know more details.
24. We will polish car with McGuire Polish from USA. Full Glass Effect Guaranteed Special cars only.
25. We charge No Vat and Bidding cost in Japanese Auctions.
26. Uniform price for all no tempered Information and we take no Tax in Japan limited offer.
27. More than 25 Army officials Car delivered recently.
28. We have the Highest Commitment and for corporate we have one stop solution.
29. We provide High quality Pictures and interior detail pictures on High End Customers so that you can see every detail of the car before purchase even if there is a set of Winter tire in the car Given By seller.
30 every purchase we donate 1000/= BDT at Charity.
31. We Provide USS auction purchase history for free. And screenshot form Auction Original Price Sold.
32 We are giving original duty structure as per renowned CNF agencies and we give pay order amount accurately with deposit slip of duty Amount and we provide Copy of Import documents to customers.
33 We have every cars catalog with Japanese Spec info and comparison Spec data from Japanese manufacturer.
34. We Give Duty as per Original Year Model as per chassis Declaration by Chassis Book. Because Auction Sites Does not shows accurate year model every time they shows Japanese registration Time only.
35. Most Auction House get listed new car in the night and in the morning those car sold lower than previously listed cars.
We provide service with integrity

Written for the welfare of Pre Order Clients.

S.M.Alamgir Adel
Glocal Trading
Ka 69 n 71 Norda Baridhara
(We have more than 40 unit ready at display and have more than 200 units’ ready cars at Mongla and CTG.)

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