Day Night Switch (500 Watt)

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Do you have an outdoor or indoor lamp and you want it switched ON and OFF automatically Then use this DAY NIGHT sensor switch. It switches the lamp ON when it gets dark and OFF when it gets light. The outdoor lamp will never burn unnecessarily. it saves energy and therefore costs.

Day Night Sensor is ideal for industrial commercial housing applications offices & outdoor lighting. It also uses Security Lights Street Lights Parking lot lighting Shops garden lighting passage lighting and doorway lighting etc. and any other places for automatic lighting.
1. Adjustable light sensitivity.
2. Domestic or Industrial use.
3. Easy electrical connection.
4. There is no need of maintenance.
5. It must save your valuable time and energy.
6. Works with CFL LED Incandescent and tungsten bulb
7. Device body size :3x6x6 cm

8. Input Voltage : 220v AC
9. Output Voltage : Same as input
10. Internal Voltage : 5v DC 220V AC.
11. Max Capacity : 500 watt
12. Switching Type : Relay Switch
13. Relay Rating : 5v 10A.
14. Sensor Type : LDR
15. Ingress Protection (IP) : 50.
16. Working Temperature :0 to 60 degree Celsius.
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